How To Find A Job During the COVID “Endemic”

It’s hard to believe we are now almost two years into the pandemic. If you are struggling to navigate job seeking in this new “normal” (we could even question “new”!), we are here to help with tips on how to find your dream job, and quickly!

Keep reading for our top tips!

Don’t spend time reviewing each job posting.

The truth is, the more jobs you apply for…the better your odds are of getting noticed, in for the interview, and ultimately landing your dream job. Instead of spending hours analyzing jobs, uploading your resume in different file formats and slightly editing your CV for all sorts of jobs (can we say “ugh! Hours and hours!”), let us blast your resume out to verified recruiters hiring in YOUR industry. Remember that the first week is free and you can cancel any time! 

Know what you want.

If you’re looking for a strictly remote job, state it in your short description / summary (precursor to work experience and education). Right now, the job market seems to be continuously changing, and you need to set  clear expectations for what you’re seeking. If you are currently living in California (due to Covid) and working for a company in New York City and aren’t willing to move back (hence the need to find a job…where you now live!), that’s something to highlight in the most “noticed” location on your resume! Our recruiters at are here to help. We will work with you to write the perfect subject line and intro. Just reach out to us at!

Contact mentors/ reach out to professionals in your industry. 

If you have a mentor, there is no better time than now to utilize them and tap into their expertise. But, in case you don’t have a mentor, reaching out to professionals in your industry is always a great idea (check out LinkedIn and find individuals who share your alma mater / are members of your professional associations / or are friends of coworkers…you get the picture!). What you don’t want to do is reach out to someone with the sole purpose of getting a job…right now! Instead, ask to meet with them over the phone for 30 minutes for an informational interview to hear more about what they’re doing and the company they work for. People love to help – trust us! Be honest, explain why you are looking, and ask for suggestions / feedback. 

Build out your LinkedIn Profile.

If you’re planning to apply to any job or reach out to any professional in your career via LinkedIn, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date first! Delete anything from your LinkedIn profile that no longer serves you, and make sure you and your skills are highlighted. Pro tip: reach out to past employers or co-workers and see if they would be open to writing you a LinkedIn recommendation (offer to write one for them in return!). Those recommendations are always a nice touch to a page and can help you stand out.

Accept the gaps in your resume, and know how to explain. 

Having gaps in your resume, especially during the pandemic, is normal. But, you will need to be prepared to speak to them during interviews. Frame a gap as a positive (learning experience!); and explain that although you do have a gap in your resume, you have taken your time off to continue learning and growing in your field. This would be a great opportunity to speak to any courses or certificates you have gained recently.

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