Showcasing Your Job Experience In Your Resume

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A well thought out resume can land you your dream job. We’re talking one that showcases plenty of skills, like prioritizing what’s important, conveying a message in a short period of time, presenting your skills, work experience, educational degrees and diplomas, etc.

Often, we get clients who are unsure about their resume, particularly the “work experience” part of it. They aren’t too sure how much detail is required and what’s important.

That’s why we’ve come up with a guide to help you out.

Why is work experience important on the resume?

Most employers value the work experience part of a resume the most. They are usually looking for a candidate who has similar work experience to the job they are hiring for. It also gives them a quick glance into the applicant’s employment history and the organization(s) they have worked for.

How to effectively write your work experience

Include detailed and relevant information

Work experience should contain details about your employment history. This includes the companies you have worked for, the duration for which you have worked there, and a bit about the responsibilities of the job. Don’t forget to mention the location of the companies, which reflects whether you’re up for relocating for work too.

If your work experience spans over a decade, consider removing older positions that are no longer relevant. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend including the last three employers.  

If you have been provided any awards and recognitions during your previous jobs, mention them in your work experience section. This is a great way of letting the recruiter know your accomplishments and skills.

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Chronological format

The format of a resume matters when applying for jobs. Since recruiters don’t spend much time on each resume, having clear cut and relevant information listed can improve your chances of being selected. List your job experience in chronological order with your most recent job at the top. This way the first work experience entry the recruiter skims over is the most relevant.

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