Switching Careers In Your 30s

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By the time you hit your 30’s, it feels like you’ve been working a lifetime. Most people tend to feel burned out and tired of their existing jobs and require a change at this point. There could be a number of reasons for wanting to switch careers; your current career path might be too hectic. Maybe you want a job that’s meaningful, you want to feel excited about work again, or maybe your priorities and passions have changed.

Switching careers is always frowned upon, particularly if you leave a sought after job. You will be reminded that you worked so hard to reach where you are, all to give it up. Others might suggest that you weren’t capable of handling the pressure, when in reality, it could be the best time for you to make this change.

Why is 30 a good time to switch careers?

If you’re planning to retire at 65, like most people, that still gives you a long 35-year career to pursue in your new field. It’s becoming increasingly common to continue working longer due to financial pressures. So it makes sense to opt for a career you enjoy and can see yourself working in for the next few decades.

A career change at any age will affect your life. Letting go of a job that was making you unhappy will have a positive impact on your relationships and health as well.

It’s important to consider that switching careers earlier is easier than later. So switching careers in your 30’s is better than in your 40’s and 50’s.

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How to embark on a new career in your 30’s?

When switching careers, you need to be certain about the field you want to work in. Don’t worry if you don’t know the steps required to get there.

First determine the goal you want to achieve. Keep in mind your personality type, aptitude, ability to pick up something new, interest, and work-related values. Now explore occupations that fit these requirements. However, in most cases, people who want to switch jobs are usually aware of what they want to do next.

Securing a job

Securing a job without sufficient experience in the field you’re interested in can be tough. You might have to do an adult internship or two to learn something about the job and develop your skills. You might also have to settle for a job that doesn’t pay particularly well, here’s where your savings of your 20s can help you out. However, make sure you secure a job that helps you meet your expenses.   

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