Tips To Succeed During A Zoom Interview

Virtual job interview.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations have had to switch to a remote working system. Employees are working from home to reduce the spread of the virus, since most workplaces aren’t equipped to implement COVID-19 strategies.

Since the pandemic has been going on for a year now, organizations have had to continue recruiting new employees. The job application and recruitment system has also become remote, with organizations having Zoom interviews instead of in-person job interviews.

Here are some ways to ensure your Zoom interview is a success:

Look into the camera when speaking

It’s easy to get distracted and look at yourself on screen during a zoom call. However, this isn’t ideal during a job interview. You have to be focused and professional during a job interview. Look directly into the camera when it’s your chance to speak, it’s like maintaining eye contact when speaking with an interviewer in-person.

Looking into the camera while speaking also shows you’re confident. Don’t try having answers up on your screen either; recruiters are trained to read facial expressions, eye movements, and body language. If you happen to wear eye glasses, they will be able to see the reflection of your screen too.

Find a suitable spot to settle down in

There’s nothing worse than having your job interview interrupted by noisy family members, a neighbor mowing the lawn, or a noisy vehicle passing by. We all know the BBC Dad whose children gatecrashed his TV interview.

When preparing for an online job interview, make sure you find a suitable spot at home. The area should be quiet and have good internet connectivity. Make sure you’re sitting at a desk and not on your bed or sofa. You need to be comfortable and relaxed to perform well in the interview.

Keep all distractions away, like your phone. Close all extra tabs on your computer screen too, in case you need to share your screen.

Zoom job interview.

The room should be brightly lit

The interviewer should be able to see you clearly during the interview. Interviewers read facial expressions and body language during an interview. Make sure the room you’re in for the interview is well lit.

If your laptop camera isn’t great, consider getting a better quality webcam, it will be handy during this pandemic and post pandemic as many organizations have announced that they will let their employees choose whether they want to continue working remotely.

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