Tips To Get Your Resume Noticed By Employers

Whether you are a fresh graduate seeking your first job, or an experienced individual, your resume is probably the only way you can reach out to potential employers. With the advent of technology, most companies simply post their job openings online, and ask potential candidates to send their resumes. This blog post will highlight some of the things you can do to get your resume noticed and increase your chances of getting hired.

Make Sure It’s Comprehensive

Research shows that 40% of employers do not even spend a minute looking at your resume, yet they use it to shortdlist and hire candidates. These stats suggest that your resume must be very precise and comprehensive enough that they can go through it within this timeframe. Don’t brag about yourself and only include what is necessary for them to know. You can also consider using multiple resumes to apply for different fields, making each relevant to it. In other words, update your resume and job descriptions according to the job you are applying for and add job-specific skills.

List Down Your Accomplishments

There’s a difference between what you have done in your life or career, and things that you have achieved. The employer is more interested in the latter. Don’t just tell them what you have studied and how many jobs you have done, rather make it sound like your achievements. Tell the employer what you got from those jobs and make sure to mention any certificates or awards that you received.

Always Include a Cover Letter

Whether an employer asks for it or not, you should make it your habit to send a cover letter every time you apply anywhere. Cover letters are the best possible way to highlight those things that you want your employer to notice. The way you write your cover letter can reveal a lot about you and play a vital role in influencing an employer’s decision.

Formatting Matters

Most people do not know that formatting also matters a great deal for employers. The fonts and colors you use suggest a lot about your personality. Using basic readable font, headings and organization of the information can impact how an employer perceives your resume.

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