What Recruiters Look For In Experienced Professionals

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According to the statistics, it takes about 200 applications to receive one job offer. The recruiters have a pre-set basic criterion based on which they judge the resumes. For instance, they prefer resumes that’re free from grammatical errors and typos, presentable and appealing. Of course, they also ensure that the relevant applicants have certain qualifications, education, and experience that they’re looking for. This blog post will highlight some of the things that an employer looks for in an experienced professional.

It Is Different from a Fresh Graduate

An experienced professional’s resume is looked at with great precision and expected to be different from a new graduate’s. Everything matters, the experience, skills, results, achievements, and recommendation letters from the previous jobs. It must present a clear picture of an individual and reveal important details about their ethics and experience.  

Experience Matters

When a recruiter is about to hire an experienced professional, they are particularly interested in their experience. The recruiter pays close attention to the roles a candidate played in a firm throughout their previous companies. He also analyzes the kind of work they did and what sort of skills they developed.

Results and Achievements

The hiring managers’ recruiters are always impressed by the results and achievements, whether mentioned on a resume or mentioned during an interview process. The results can be from different employee tests that companies take to maintain the employee’s productivity, and the achievements can be from any project or work that got praised by the last employer. These things suggest employee’s dedication and loyalty to their work.


An experienced professional needs to highlight all the relevant skills in the resume when applying for a job. These’re the skills that one learns from prior work experience. A recruiter looking for a professional candidate will pay close attention to the applicant’s learned skills. These skills can include attention to detail, marketing and communication skills, relationship building, and time management skills. Apart from technical skills, some soft skills may also matter such as patience and listening skills. These reveal about the candidate’s interpersonal skills.  


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Some Ways Busy Professionals Can Make More Connections

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According to a survey, 70% of people find their jobs through connections in a company. However, the same survey reveals that 38% of the professionals find it difficult to maintain their connections due to their busy schedules. This blog post will discuss how busy professionals can make more connections without compromising on their work commitments.

A person scrolling through job opportunities.

Recognize Your Worth

Every person has something to offer to others. Before you try to connect with other professionals, you need to recognize your own value. Once you understand your worth, you can engage with others with greater confidence.

Help Others

Help people as much as you can, whether it is about something as great as getting them hired or something small such as sharing important helpful information. In the professional world, you never know who can turn out to be of great help for you later.

Socialize and Attend Social Events

Being a professional is not about just working 8 hours five or six days a week. Stats suggest that 85% of people find great opportunities during different social events. Whether it is a company’s annual dinner or your boss’s wedding, attending such events can help you find new connections and opportunities.

Meet the Right People

Just knowing so many people is not enough. What is the point of having good connections with so many people if they are not relevant to your profession or field? When looking for new connections for professional reasons, it is important to have a focused approach. It can be a good idea to make a list of influential people you would want to meet.

Use Social Media

You should never underestimate the importance of social media and social networking websites. Keep in mind that we are not talking about LinkedIn only. Try to take some time to stay active on different social media platforms and stay in touch with different people. Something as simple as wishing someone on their birthday can help you find useful connections.

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How to Access the Secret Job Market No-One Told You About

Job search

The age of the Internet has made it easy for prospective employers to post job listings. However, many unadvertised jobs are posted in the hidden job market, focused on hiring candidates quickly, sometimes even before the job is posted. It’s essential to get to the job opening early in the process to be successful at securing a good job.

Here are some ways to access the secret job market and apply for unadvertised jobs before the crowd starts filtering in.

Tapping into Your Professional Network

Prospective job candidates who have a head start by communicating with employers are more likely to get the job. For any job listing, around 250 people usually apply. This figure is much higher if the company is famous in the industry.

Hence, as a job candidate, your goal is to send in your resume as early as possible to increase your chances of securing an interview. Candidates that come in early have more chances of getting looked at, so it’s crucial to actively network and be strategic when applying for jobs.

You need to tap into your professional network and use your inside connections in the industry to find out about job opportunities that employers might not have publicly posted yet.

For example, keep connected with people and reach out to them to see if they know about any prospective jobs that you might be interested in. A good idea is to use Facebook Messenger to connect with people you might know who are working at a company you would like to secure a job at.

A hiring sign posted by employers

Be Active on Social Media

It’s essential to be active on social media, especially on LinkedIn. Make your social presence known by posting at least two to three times per week. Building online content by posting blogs, videos, sharing articles, asking questions, and commenting on other people’s posts will help you develop a professional reputation and attract attention.

Be proactive and interact on social media so that your contacts become familiar with your name, and remember to recommend you if a new job comes up.

Securing referrals to a job posting will help you find out about the job earlier and get there quicker, so you have a better chance of getting your resume looked at and securing an interview.

Sign Up with An Executive Employment Agency

If you’re searching for a new job while balancing a hectic schedule at your current one, you might not have time to be active on social media and aggressively network to access the hidden job market.

A better solution is to sign up with an executive employment agency that can connect you with the best job recruiters and help you with your job search.

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Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out:


Statistics from 2020 suggest that many experienced candidates do not get selected because of some silly mistakes in their resume. A resume is the first thing that an employer looks at, and your chances of getting hired to depend entirely on it. This blogpost will look at some things that can help your resume stand out from the rest.  

It Must Be Presentable

Employers receive hundreds of resumes and job applications, and they do not have time to go through every detail. In fact, stats suggest that, on average, an employee doesn’t spend more than a minute on a resume. Hence, you must make sure that your resume is neat, clean, concise, and contains all the necessary details.

Make It Job-Specific

Resumes are not like a restaurant menu that you can send the same to everyone. It’s very important to understand what the employer is looking for and design your resume accordingly. Do a little research about the company and the job you are applying for. These things are even more important if you’re a fresh graduate without any prior work experience. You can also add some relevant keywords that suit the expected role that you are applying for.

Include Headings and Summary

The recruiters are often shuffling from one resume to the other, using their sharp observation to find the most relevant people suitable for the job. If your resume looks like a block of text, then an employer might not even consider reading it due to lack of time. Therefore, it’s very important to divide everything using different headings and include a summary at the beginning. An executive summary, along with a comprehensive cover letter, can significantly increase the chances of your resume getting shortlisted.

Make It Comprehensive

Remember, a resume is not your biography. You don’t have to tell everything that you have done. Just add your achievements in a comprehensive manner. When we talk about achievements, it’s important to understand that achievement is not the same as experience. Of course, you have to list down the latter as well, but an employer is more interested in knowing what you’ve achieved from your different experiences. For instance, instead of just writing about someplace that you worked in, you should also elaborate on how your experience was.

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Career One Stop

Another fantastic website to add to your bookmarks! The Department of Labor supplies FREE data in any field that you can think of.


The toolkit tab allows the user to select a field and geographical region (city, state or zip code). Using this data, the Toolkit supplies so much information such as job outlook, projected employment, annual wages, and educational requirements. The details also show related occupations, abilities, and a cool section called “What you might do in a day.”

The Career One Stop site should be used by anyone looking for information about careers. The site has special sections for veterans or ex-offenders looking for resources (by state).

Recently impacted by a reduction in force (RIF), come here! Go to the Worker ReEmployment section! You may also find the GetMyFuture helpful.

FREE ASSESSMENTS are also available.

Are you starting to see why I get excited about this site? So much free data right at your fingertips!

Please share with our community other gems that you have found by using this site! I would love to hear from you!

All the Best,


Network, Network, Network!

3 Important Reasons to build a professional network!

80% of jobs are filled by networking!

Can you take a minute to read that again?

80% of jobs are filled by knowing someone!

Let’s talk about ways to use the COVID-19 downtime to grow your network.

Have you updated your LinkedIn profile lately? What was that…you don’t have a LinkedIn profile? So, LinkedIn is free and a great way to grow your professional network! The reason that this is so important is threefold:

1.) Hidden jobs are filled by networking! Hidden jobs are job opportunities that are not posted or advertised. Therefore, if you actively network (even when & especially when you are not seeking a job) then you may be on the front of someone’s mind when filling these positions. Did you know that some of the fastest ways to grow your income is to accept a high position outside of your current company?

2.) When you are connecting with people all of the time, then you can gradually build a large and powerful network! Ask for recommendations and endorsements when you have received positive feedback from people on a job well done. Also, write positive feedback and recommendations for other people! This will pay back in dividends throughout your career! Trust me on this one!

3.) You may have an opportunity to hire or recommend someone for a position in your professional network! YOU will be able to extend a helping hand to someone in your network.

(Little known secret that this was the first “social media” site that I joined. I have been on LinkedIn for years! I have also used this same professional network when I was looking for jobs due to RIFs or to move up in my career.)

I will be using this space to provide tips, tricks, and resources to enhance your career search and expand your knowledge in the career field. I look forward to connecting with you!

Happy Networking!


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October 2021

Occupational Data

OOH – Must Save Bookmark!


Occupational Outlook Handbook
This website provides so much invaluable information for anyone wishing to gain information about salaries, jobs, US job trends, etc. The data is broken down by state, region, and even more detailed metro areas. The information found here can be used by someone entering the job force for the first time or someone at the twilight of their career.

This government site is very easy to navigate and you can also access the data using a smart device (Android or Apple)!! I know! Impressive right! Hey, these are free resources provided by our government!

The website shows occupations by groups, pay levels based on experience, and projected growth within a particular category by geographic region!

I believe that this resource is very valuable to everyone!

3 Ways to Use this Resource

  1. You can use this if you are in an annual review and wish to ask for a raise in your current position. Is your current aligned with the most recent trends? Are you being paid fairly for your efforts? Wonder no more!! Search the site and see for yourself (since companies typically restrict employees from openly discussing all things related to pay).
  2. If you are moving to a new region/relocating, use this resource to aid your job search! You will come to the negotiation table ready with solid salary data! Can you imagine confidently pulling a chair up to the table armed with salary data! Yes, ma’am! Sign me up!
  3. A new graduate entering the job market should be time reviewing the data on this site! Great way for graduates to establishing expectations! (Parents, just point them to this site and save yourself the argument!)

I wish you the best in your job search and enhancing your current position! I would love feedback on how you were able to use the data found on the OOH site! I can think of 1000 ways to engage with the information but let’s see how you do it!

Happy sourcing!

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash